Fruits is a South African fruit producer and exporter who specializes in the export of top quality South African Fruit to global markets.

The company combined the 3 historical fruit companies and brands of the Unlimited Group (Fruits Unlimited, Fruition Fruit and Asiafresh) to have 1 single entity that can provide any discerning international importer or retailer with a basket of fruit and related service. As part of the Unlimited Group (, Fruits provides an integrated service to their customers around the globe.

In addition to exporting a premium range of fruit and vegetable, Fruits is also a leading importer to South African and African markets of quality fresh produce.

Our motto is ... a fresh approach. We aim to provide fresh produce solutions, to our customers. It is therefore no wonder that we are the preferred supplier from South Africa to a number of world class importers and retailers.

Unlimited Quality Fruit

With the remarkable variety of fresh fruit that Southern Africa has to offer, our offer to our customers is not only unlimited in volume, it is also Unlimited in variety and choice, and our mission is to fill our fruit basket with a broad selection of the best fruit the region has to offer.

We source and produce fruit nationally throughout South Africa to ensure that our customers have access to every variety and product from the very beginning to the end of the season.

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