Star Ruby

This variety originated in Texas in 1959. The rind is smooth and the fine skin is yellow with a red background.

The internal flesh is deep red. It is the most heavily pigmented grapefruit, and rarely has more than one or two seeds. The flesh has high juice content and is as sweet as or sweeter than Marsh and other pigmented varieties.

In many countries Star Ruby trees are less vigorous than most varieties and under most conditions in the USA are less productive and bear smaller fruit, but not so in South Africa where they are precocious and the tree form has a more compact bushy growth habit and bears most of the fruit in the bottom third of the tree.

Marsh (Marsh Seedless)

Marsh originated in a Duncan tree in Florida, around 1860. The fruit is large, white and virtually seedless. It is used for fresh consumption and for juicing. In South Africa it is harvested from the end of March to mid or late June.

While white (Marsh) grapefruit still predominates worldwide, in almost all producing countries there has been an accelerated shift to pink and red varieties in the past decade. Florida has led this trend, with 60% of its total crop now from pigmented varieties.

Rosť / Ruby

Ruby was discovered in Texas as a bud mutation of Thompson (Pink Marsh) in 1926, and was patented and named in 1934.

This grapefruit has a pale pink flesh with a slightly blushed rind, and the skin colour is yellow with a red blush. Ruby is juicy and sweet, and typically has few seeds. It is harvested from mid April to the end of June.

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