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Our Citrus

We currently grow the majority of our citrus in our subtropical Ryton orchards near Nelspruit. Dedicated to exceptional flavour and bringing innovation to the citrus category, we have invested heavily in the latest soft-citrus varieties like Californian-bred mandarins, Golden Nugget and Yosemite.

Focussing on eating quality first, we have selected these varieties for their exceptional taste and are confident they will be game-changing varieties, bringing points of difference to retailers globally.


Our range of easy-peeler mandarins stretches for 6 months. The season begins with Satsumas; particularly popular in the UK, the rind of Satsumas is easy to remove, whilst the delicate fruit has a mild flavour with a distinctive tang to it. April and May bring the Nules and Nova varieties, whilst a particular highlight in June comes in the form of our Minneolas. Minneolas have a deep orange-coloured flesh and are a hybrid of grapefruit and tangerine. With their pronounced and distinctive neck, this variety is easily recognised by  consumers. The latter half of the season brings with it our new late mandarin varieties in the form of Golden Nugget, Yosemite and Tango, to name but a few. We select our product for flavour first and these varieties offer the end consumer a truly fantastic eating experience. Pair their excellent sugar-acid balance with the convenience of an easy peeling variety with little to no seeds, and it’s clear these really are game-changing varieties.


Our lemon season runs from April through to September. We harvest and pack our Eureka Lemons from our Ryton Farm in Nelspruit—perfect for juicing, zesting and naturally high in vitamin C!


We begin harvesting our grapefruit in April and our season extends through to August. Ruby Star comes first; both sweet and tart, this grapefruit variety has smooth yellow skin with a pink blush and deep red flesh. Generally, the redder the flesh, the sweeter the fruit tends to be. Our other grapefruit variety, Marsh, comes through around a month later. This is arguably one of the most popular grapefruit varieties and is both sweet and acidic to eat.


We have a full basket of delicious, wonderfully sweet and juicy oranges available, starting in early April with easy-to-peel, sweet Navelinas. The season continues with our Late Navels, Cambria and Rustenburger varieties, in July and August, and finishes in October with Midknight oranges, with their smooth rind and particularly high juice content.