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Reddot Farm

We have been working closely with Reddot Farm for more than 10 years now and they have become an integral part of our pome business, supplying us with delicious apples and pears all season long. Located in the Upper-Langkloof area of the Western Cape, the farm is owned and run by Otto Reyneke and his family, and stretches over 5000 hectares. 130 hectares of this is dedicated to growing apples and pears, which tend to be harvested around 10 days earlier than other farms in the surrounding area.

It’s clear to see that sustainability is important for the Reyneke family. With over 900 hectares of the farm set aside as a conservation area, the local Springboks and Rheboks can thrive. Water conservation is also big on the agenda, and although there is a secure water supply in the adjacent mountains, Otto has installed automated micro-jet irrigation systems to reduce water wastage. Densitometers are also used to determine the metric water potential and soil moisture tension, and by building multiple dams, Otto is able to store water effectively for the summer season.

Keeping up with the latest varietal developments is vital and it’s great to see the Reynekes are investing heavily in new cultivars and facilities. From new types of Fuji apples selected to give better colour, to Romeo full red apples and even improved Pink Lady varieties, this innovation is key to the success of pome farming at Reddot.

Looking ahead, Otto has plans to build new controlled atmosphere rooms which will give them the option to pack fruit later in the year, stretching Reddot’s season even further.